Abbelene Esau

Abbelene is an interesting young lady for many reasons. For starters, she works in the storeroom at Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP), spending the majority of her time lugging heavy boxes around despite her slight frame. She’s a perfect example of how dynamite comes in small packages.

Furthermore, Abbelene is an employee within a fish factory despite being allergic to seafood! When she first started working at ASP just over seven and a half years ago, she began her career as a general worker, which involved handling the fish regularly throughout the day. Eventually, she noticed how a rash would appear all over her hands following direct contact with the seafood. She alerted her supervisor to the issue and was quickly placed in the storeroom with three other colleagues – a position she says she enjoys a lot more!

Abbelene is extremely passionate about her job and excited about building a lifelong career in the fisheries industry. The fact that she travels over an hour to get to work every morning is testament to her dedication to the role. She speaks fondly about the company and says that she believes it to be a great place to work, encouraging all Atlantis residents, as well as those residing nearby, to apply for a job if they’re in search of steady work, a welcoming company culture, and a new challenge.