Alex (Motlalekhotso) Marrand

From Fishing to Farming

Originally from Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape, Alex moved to Cape Town 10 years ago in search of employment opportunities in the Western Cape.

“I came across my job at ASP while I was staying with my brother,” he says. Now based permanently in Witsand, he has been with the company since 2014, joining the team as a cleaner.

“Within four years, I was nominated into my current position of Shop Steward, but I now have my eye on becoming a delivery truck driver once I complete my practicals, get my code 14 and gain experience.”

As Shop Steward, Alex acts as the bridge between general workers and management, helping to keep the channel of communication open and stepping in to settle any discrepancies.

“The job is not without its challenges, but I like the people and ASP. They offer leadership opportunities and help others like me find employment and improve their financial situation.”

He also highlights that between 80-90% of the staff are women who can move up in the job ranks quite quickly. “Here in Atlantis, local women have become the breadwinners of their families, which is really great,” he explains.

Through his experience at the company, Alex admits he acquired new skills and now knows quite a lot about fish — his personal favourite being snoek. “When I see the Atlantis brand in the shops, I feel quite proud,” he adds.

As for the future, he describes his long-term dream of owning a livestock farm back in the Eastern Cape: “I like working with my hands, but I also miss home and my two young daughters who still live there.”

So far, he’s absolutely loving his job and claims to have learned many things from his colleagues.

“There are a lot of things I’ve learned here, like respect and helping others. If someone needs help, you must help without looking for anything in return. Also, you mustn’t look down on others. Everyone deserves respect,” he says.