Farendo Isaacs

Finding systems and solutions

Farendo has worked at ASP since 2016, starting out as a Junior Clerk before taking up the position of Senior Clerk, which he explains was created especially for him.

As a curious go-getter, it’s no surprise that he continued to climb the ranks within the company, eventually moving over to the factory side to help oversee the cold shelf freezer.

“Over here in cold storage, I assist in investigating shortages, looking into how these can be prevented,” he explains. “I’ve learnt to love what I do, especially because I have a passion for problem-solving. I enjoy the concept of systems and how they work.”

He explains that one of the highlights of being at ASP is the people. “The people I work with feel very much like family. You enter the gate, and the mood instantly changes. You leave your problems outside.”

In his time at the company, he explains that the biggest lesson he has learnt so far is that communication is crucial in the workplace. “What I say to others is don’t listen to answer. Listen to understand,” he says.

Although highly independent, he enjoys working with his team, insisting that it’s important to treat others with respect and to look out for them. “What I always say is this: never keep those behind you, behind you. When I ask for a promotion, I recommend someone to move into my previous position.”

As for his future plans, he is determined to purchase a house and tie the knot with his long-term partner. “Next year, I’m also gunning for the position of Cold Storage Manager! And yes, Virgil does know this!” he laughs.