Originally from a small farm just outside of Atlantis near Malmesbury, Janine Esau is an incredibly multi-talented Atlantis Seafood Products employee. She has worked her way up the ladder of success during her 14 years at the company and has had her finger in practically every pie along the production line! Starting out as a general worker and packer, she moved on to being a scrubber, a scaler, a filleter, and – finally – a well-respected supervisor.

“Being a general worker at ASP was my first job. It was tough, and the managers were strict, but I didn’t let that hold me back. I’ve continued to push forward and have accomplished a lot in the 14 years that I’ve been here,” she says.

“The skills that I’ve learnt over the years have been so diverse. It makes the job exciting.”

Janine recently returned to work from maternity leave and is looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. She is a proud mom to three daughters, the youngest of which is just three months old. She speaks about how her children are the driving force behind her career and how she strives to ensure that her kids have access to better opportunities in the future.

“I’m putting money away on a regular basis so that my kids can do something great with their lives.”

Unfortunately, jobs are scarce in Atlantis, and Janine highlights how many of her family members have struggled to find employment, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. She lives with her three daughters, as well as her mother, father, and two sisters. The household comprises eight people and five adults – and it’s just Janine and her father who currently have work.

Despite the challenges, she encourages all Atlantis residents to go out and find jobs. She also insists that it’s unwise to expect to walk into an impressive position right from the beginning.

“Always remember that you have to start at the bottom to get to the top!” she concludes.