Born and raised in the Atlantis community and extremely proud of her origins, Laurianne is a long-standing employee at Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP). She started her career with the company in 2008 as a general worker and has, over the years, worked her way up the ladder of success into her current role within the all-important quality control department.

Laurianne shares that this department is solely responsible for upholding the company’s reputation and, as a result, it takes a strong person to do such a job. After all, it’s up to her to ‘nit-pick’ and address other workers for any mistakes that could impact the final product’s taste, texture, or aesthetics.

“While it’s important to remain diplomatic and friendly, you definitely can’t care too much what other people think of you. The company’s reputation always comes first,” she says.

Laurianne also highlights how she truly enjoys every aspect of her job despite the challenges and heavy responsibility.

“More than anything, I love that every day is a learning process. Regulations and procedures are constantly changing, which makes the job exciting.”

When asked about her dreams and ambitions for the future, Laurianne insists that she wants to stay in the quality control department at ASP because it’s so diverse.

“I’m always inspired to keep pushing forward as there is plenty of room for growth. I’m also very lucky to work with a great team by my side,” she says.

Laurianne is very close to her parents and chats fondly about how proud they are of her accomplishments and the fact that she works at ASP, in particular. She says that her dad always had ambitions of landing a job at the company.

“Understandably, he’s very proud of me for grabbing the opportunity. I’m proud of my job. I love working here. It’s great that the company recognises hard work, which is why I’ve been able to work my way up to the position that I have now,” she concludes.