Lynville Matthyse

Teeing up a great career at Atlantis

Originally from Darling, Lynville joined Atlantis in July 2014, the very same year he said, ‘I do’, and married his primary school sweetheart.

His decision to change jobs from his role at a local accounting practice was deep-rooted in his desire to improve his financial circumstance. He wanted to better provide for his family — a value he explains as being instilled in him from a young age. 

His career at Atlantis has been a steady climb upwards, moving into more senior roles each year and taking on new sets of challenges and responsibilities.

“When I first started, I moved from the creditors and debtors’ department to the costing department within my first six months,” he says. “I’m really proud of my time at Atlantis. I have grown both professionally and emotionally, along with consistently earning a better salary.”

A self-starter, he explains how a large portion of what he leant came simply from listening to conversations around him and taking notes on the job.

“Back then, I was driving a Fiat Uno, which was completely falling apart. My manager at the time, Rudolf, offered to let me drive with him. He always needed to work late, though, which afforded me plenty of free time to study my notes and upskill myself.”

Lynville admits the progress he has made since he first started is immense. “This is my own observation, but without the opportunities I’ve had at ASP, I would not be where I am today.”

As a self-proclaimed introvert, he also describes himself as being calm, collected and particularly good with people. “I don’t believe in managing people but rather leading people,” he says. “I don’t buckle under pressure. I strive to treat everyone equally whether it’s a general worker or someone higher up.”

And as for the next role he has his eye on at Atlantis: “I’d love to take on Roland’s job as GM,” he says with a chuckle. “Even though I know it carries a lot of responsibility!”

Aside from making sure everything runs smoothly in his department, Lynville enjoys teeing off at the course in Malmesbury while tackling his other full-time role as Dad to his four-year-old son, Lynville Jr.