Having lived most of her life within the bustling community of Atlantis, Mericia is one of over 280+ hard-working women who make the magic happen inside the Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP) factory. She has been part of the team for almost five years and is proud to share her career accomplishments.

Mericia started as a general worker at ASP but has recently stepped up as a somewhat ‘unofficial’ leader within the smoke department.

“I’m good at giving instructions. I consider myself to be naturally talented at leading others,” she says, smiling proudly.

While she feels that she’s undoubtedly a formidable leader, Mericia insists that giving orders to co-workers isn’t the way to go about getting a job done. She explains how a gentle, friendly approach is key to optimising cooperation and ensuring a resilient team dynamic.  

A mother of four children between the ages of two and 21, Mericia speaks about how she’s extremely thankful for her job, as well as the opportunity to work within South Africa’s respected fishing industry. She’s not the only person in her household who happens to work in the industry – her husband is a fisherman at sea! As she explains, he sources the product and the team at ASP add the critical finishing touches before shipping it off for South Africa’s hungry shoppers to enjoy.

Mericia speaks fondly about her female coworkers and highlights how there’s a strong sense of unity amongst those in the factory.

“We work together. Everything we do, we do together.”

Mericia and her colleagues feel privileged to work at ASP and encourage other residents of Atlantis to seek work here. She also notes how it’s one of the only companies in the area that still offers a wealth of job opportunities despite the ill effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you want to work, there are always opportunities at ASP!”

When asked about what makes her most proud in her life, she concluded by saying, “I’m proud of my family, and I’m proud of providing for my family.