Nandipha Magwaza, one of Atlantis Seafood Products’ (ASP) general workers, is a woman of many talents and a true inspiration. She spends her days completing various different tasks, from smoking fish to weighing and packaging prawns, and is known amongst her colleagues for being one of the hardest working, most dedicated employees. 

Nandipha has an incredible sense of humour and grins as she insists that the chilly temperatures in which she has to work each day really don’t bother her much. In many ways, she is the light and the warmth amidst the frosty surroundings. 

“I like to joke. I like to laugh. I always smile,” she says. 

A resident of Witsand, Nandipha has five children between the ages of one and 16 years old, and she has fearlessly stepped up as the primary breadwinner for her family. Her beloved children live with their grandmother so that she can focus her attention on work. She is dedicated to giving her kids a better life, sacrificing being close to them every day in order to bring in the money necessary to realise that ideal. 

“My kids have big dreams and I want to help them to accomplish them. My eldest wants to be a pilot, my second-born wants to become a social worker, and my third-born hopes to be a police officer one day.”

Employed at ASP for 9 years, Nandipha speaks of how proud she feels when she sees ASP products in the grocery stores and claims that she exclusively buys these products when she eats seafood because she knows that it’s going to be fresh and tasty every time. 

Nandipha has ambitions of one day fulfilling the role of supervisor. 

“I believe that I would be well suited to such a role because I’m a hard worker and I have respect for everyone I talk to,” she says.

She actively encourages all women of South Africa to follow their dreams and put in the work. 

“So many South African women rely on their men to provide for them and their families. It shouldn’t be like that. My advice to the ladies out there is to wake up. Refresh your body. Go look for a job. It’s within your power to do so!