Neliswa Samantha Sonjica

Born in the Eastern Cape, Neliswa comes from a family of strong single women, and is now a single mom herself, working tirelessly to support her four kids, aged 15, 13, nine, and two. She acknowledges how tough the day-to-day can be but says how proud she is that she’s able to do what she’s doing, having been inspired by her own mom who always kept her by her side despite having to work to keep the household afloat.

“I want to see my children grow, just like my mom did for me. If they are sick, I want to be there. If they are happy, I want to be there.”

Neliswa uses the love that she has for her children to push her to work even harder.

“I know what I want in life. I know I have to come to work and provide for my children and make them happy. That’s my goal.” 

But it’s not only her kids who inspire her. Neliswa speaks about how her co-workers have taught her so many things since she first came to work at Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP) four years ago in 2017. She highlights how a colleague has taught her about the power of saving and how to make her money stretch further – a skill that she’s passing onto her kids, encouraging them to save up their own money whenever they want something special.

She smiles when she says how the individuals working within the dry fish department are extremely close and supportive of one another.

“We are all friendly with each other. If I have a problem, I have a sister in my department who I can share it with.”

Neliswa considers herself to be a good listener and enjoys giving those close to her advice when they’re struggling. When asked what she hopes her co-workers say about her, Neliswa says she wants to be recognised as a hard worker and a lovely person, first and foremost.

“I would like them to see me as a lovely person. I want them to feel good around me,” she says.

With her big smile and warm nature, it’s difficult to imagine anyone feeling any different in Neliswa’s presence. It will be exciting to see what this female powerhouse manages to achieve as her career at ASP continues to evolve and she’s given the opportunities that she so deserves.