Nozibele Sithelo

Nozibele Sithelo, a trusted employee at Atlantis Seafood Products for five years and counting, originally hails from the Eastern Cape. She moved to Atlantis a few years ago in search of better opportunities when she stumbled upon the chance to work in the ASP factory. Despite having a background in security, Nozibele says she settled in quickly and has really developed a passion for working with seafood. She is now a scaler and also spends a great deal of her time training new employees. Even though she’s a trainer first and foremost, Nozibele talks about how she still enjoys learning new things herself.

“I like to learn, and I like to ask questions.”

She also believes that her curiosity is her super-power and is proud to be a detail-oriented person who is able to concentrate on tasks for long periods of time without getting distracted.

As a mother to three children, one of whom is already out of school and one who is still very young, Nozibele works extremely hard to provide for her family, and highlights how she feels lucky to work at ASP. She acknowledges that the company plays a massive role in empowering Atlantis residents and providing work opportunities without any complex requirements for previous experience or a matric certificate.

“Lots of people from Atlantis are employed at ASP. If this company were to close its doors, many people wouldn’t have jobs.”

She encourages all those living in Atlantis who are looking for steady work to apply for a position at the factory, explaining how new employees always start at the bottom but are able to quickly work their way up the ‘ladder’ – especially when willing to put in the required effort.