A woman with a big smile and plenty of ambition, and a self-proclaimed introvert, Rene Samuels is just one of the 280+ inspirational women working at Atlantis Seafood Products. She estimates that she has been employed at the company for almost ten years and insists that she has filled every single position in the factory at some point or another!

“I like to learn. It’s nice when there’s a gap that I can step into.”

Having started as a general worker before moving into quality control and eventually taking on the assistant role to the quality manager, Rene is now working in the admin department and doubling up as a production clerk. She’s responsible for managing a small team, and although she claims to be extremely strict, she also prides herself on being an approachable leader with above-average communication skills. She shares how she’s proud of her team and what they accomplish each day.

“My team is special because we’re very much in the background. Nobody sees or notices us, but if we don’t do what we do, there’s a problem. We’re the ones responsible for adding the finishing touches,” she says.

Attention to detail is key to their role, and Rene works hard to ensure that every team member stays focused and on track at all times. She highlights how everyone needs to be versatile, especially considering the size of the team.

“Because it’s a small team, when someone is not there, there’s a big gap – which is why everyone needs to know how to do everyone else’s job.”

Another interesting fact about Rene is that she met her husband at the ASP factory. They continue to work together to this day. Something of a modern-day love story, for sure!

Rene says she’s incredibly proud to work at the company, and she always feels excited when she sees their products in the freezers at the shops.

“Knowing everything that we do and go through to get the product out there – it is something to be proud of.