Thandiwe Emily Siyazi

Originally from Bloemfontein, Thandiwe Emily Siyazi has been working at Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP) for four and a half years now. She currently works in the dry fish department as a general worker and believes that she brings lots of value to the team by putting her head down and getting things done.

Thandiwe has relatives scattered all over South Africa, including her son and mother who still live in Bloemfontein and her 4-year-old daughter who lives with her husband’s mother in Limpopo. Despite missing her family desperately, Thandiwe says that she and her husband have had to make great sacrifices to make ends meet and provide the best for their children. After all, her 16-year-old son has big dreams of one day becoming a doctor – a position with excellent earning potential, which is fantastic considering his love for brand name clothes and shoes, says Thandiwe with a giggle.

Thandiwe speaks about how she found herself in Atlantis when visiting her father soon after he moved here for work – and she has stuck around ever since. Initially getting a job working at a greengrocer, she wanted to spread her wings and see what other opportunities were out there, eventually finding her way inside the ASP factory and laying down roots. She’s extremely happy in her position and speaks highly about all the people with whom she works.

“I like working in the dry fish department. I enjoy working with the people. When they do their job, they do their job!”

Thandiwe also insists that ASP in general is a wonderful place to work and is saddened by the fact that some people might turn their noses up at the prospect of a job here because they’ve been told “it’s too cold.”

“Some people are worried about the cold. But if you’re going to provide for your family, you need to make sacrifices. Don’t listen to others. See for yourself. It’s nice working here,” she says.

Thandiwe is a ball of energy with a vibrant personality and an outstanding work ethic, and while she says she’s content remaining in her current position, it seems this hard-working lady has the potential to go far. It will be interesting to see where she ends up and how she continues making her mark as part of the diverse ASP family