Virgil Pietersen

The building blocks for leadership

With a background in the building industry, Virgil had an interesting start at ASP to say the least.

“I was originally working for Build It, which was part of the Spar Group when Luis, my good client at the time, asked me to come and see the factory site,” he explains. “Afterwards, he asked me to work for him, and that’s when I made the move.”

Virgil highlights just how much he has grown since those early days as Receiving Manager.

“I get emotional when I think about it. Luis saw potential in me, and when he told me how proud he was of me, I most certainly dropped a tear. You can’t beat that feeling of having your talents recognised.”

In his current role as Cold Store Manager, Virgil manages 48 staff members. Having a strong growth mindset, he has continued to excel, leading his team to overcome a range of challenges as the company has continued to grow and evolve.

“What I like about working here is that people are open to suggestions. If systems are not working, they give you the benefit of the doubt and encourage you to try new ways.”

Using the skills he has learnt from working at ASP, Virgil has also set up a successful panel beating business which he runs on the side. With a wife who owns her own beauty business, it’s clear that his family has no shortage of that entrepreneurial spirit.

Juggling work, business, studies and family, he admits to having a lot to be proud of and grateful for. “When opportunities arise, you take it,” he says. “Sometimes, we need to be the ones who change our own circumstances instead of just waiting around for things to happen.”