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Lynville Matthyse

Lynville Matthyse

Lynville Matthyse Teeing up a great career at Atlantis Originally from Darling, Lynville joined Atlantis in July 2014, the very same year he said, ‘I do’, and married his primary school sweetheart. His decision to change jobs from his role at a local accounting practice was deep-rooted in his desire to improve his financial circumstance. […]

Abbelene Esau

Abbelene Esau Abbelene is an interesting young lady for many reasons. For starters, she works in the storeroom at Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP), spending the majority of her time lugging heavy boxes around despite her slight frame. She’s a perfect example of how dynamite comes in small packages. Furthermore, Abbelene is an employee within a […]

Orion’s art programme

Orion’s Noeleen captures ASP’s beloved platteland on canvas Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate. But more than this, art has the power to connect us to each other like nothing else. Admiring the beautiful art created by the Orion Organisation Art Programme for its recent fundraising auction, the […]

Where there’s ASP, there’s hope

Where there’s ASP, there’s hope “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” ~ Nelson Mandela Atlantis may not be an easy place to grow up and live, but for families whose livelihoods are linked to Atlantis Seafood Products (ASP) there’s hope.  Meet Anna, whose parents were moved to Atlantis in the 1970s so […]